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The return of the niddle...

dear felicity,

why did you tell me that you send a special letter of invitation for me to attend your wedding, it is now i knew that you are pulling my feet.

oh' i shgould have know that you are telling me lies, when you said that you have got married. because truly, truly i say unto you felicity, it is very easy for carmel to pass through the eye of a niddle than a trollopsrus or a prostitute to get married. i should have remember that.

i am only regrating and blamming myself for telling my staffs and business partners that i will travel to australia for a wedding ceremony.

i have told you to forget about getting married, because it will be very difficult for you to quit prostitution for marriage.

i will only contact you for business whenever i need you to exchange sex for money with me ok.

prince kenneth.

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