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Cosmo seems angry.

Scurrilous Rat! Scurvy Pig! White ant! You accidentally sent your secret message for Felicity to my own address and your perfidious tricks are revealed to the whole world! Thieving dog! Lying snake! I promise you this young man - I will not let you meet up with Miss Primm! I will not lose her now that I have come this far. I will kill her if I cannot have her. That I promise you. You too if you come between us. You and your masquerade can just run off and leave me alone with my love, thank you very much. Why do you want to come here and steal my precious when you have so many of your own? Stay there where you are and father your empire in your own princedom. I intend to join Miss Primm in holy acrimony very shortly. We know where she is and George and I will be going to return her to our protection this afternoon, no thanks to your nefarious interferences and pretences! Sneaky weasel! Slimy toad! Good day to you, your excellency! Newbery.

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