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I don't know what Kenneth is about but he does atleast paint a consistent picture, bless him.

dear felicity,

sorry for the delay response, i am busy putting everything in other, i mean my business.

because if i leave nigeria to australia i will like my electronics business to keep on selling

that's why i am busy putting everything in other both here in nigeria and abroad, my managing director, senior sales manager & sales lady's will be taking care of the business until i come back whenever i feel like to come back to nigeria.

well, i have finish putting everything in other, surely i will be there for you.

when will the invitation arrive? i have inform my gatemen that i am expecting a parcel from australia.

prince kenneth

J Cosmo Newbery sends secondhand greetings from Felicity...

Your Excellency,

So very good to hear from you and most heartening to hear that your business is booming.

I would imagine that postage to Nigeria takes about a week to ten days. But do not fear, there is plenty of time to answer.

Felicity sends her love.

Yours fraternally,


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