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I received the following message. The guy has no sense of colour at all.

dear mr,or miss felicity,

i am so much in love with the picture you sent to me, i returned from japan last week and i am trying to do some work in my computer, when i decided to take a look to the pictures of the lady you sent to me, to be sincere,

i am so much in love with that lady,i will like to have her as my wife at all cost, please let us do it this way.

if you are really a man, please help me to get in touch with that very lady, tell her that someone is madly in love with her, please do this for me, i promise if you help me and later i succeed to marry that lady i will give you whatever you request.

but, if you are a woman whom i v'e been thinking you are since last year, to the very day i make that phone call that put me into confusion, please, please i am begging you please stop dribbling me co's i love you badly, let us plan of how to meet each other face to face and get married soonest please i am begging you, co's i am madly in love with you.

i attach another picture of mine to this mail

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prince kenneth