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Stella explains a little more about the disk.

Dear Mr. Kringle,

Thanks for your quick response. I got the requested information you sent to me. Unfortunately, we are already on weekend and we always observe weekend (Saturday & Sunday) as a work free days but I will do the verification on Monday. I totally agree with you to make our communication formal, am sorry to have been addressing as Kringle , Thanks for the correction. (No worries, Miss Mike mate.)

As regards you getting the disk, I will appreciate it if you can get the disk but you have to be 100% sure of the originality and accuracy so that you will not end up spending double money, because in my previous email I made you understand that this is a special designed computeronic hq2 proxy software disk for apex bank wire transfer, though not an ordinary floppy diskette. As you may wish to know, that I will use it in copying all the data's of your payment from the government installed disk, after which your account will be credited with your provided disk retrieved and sent down to you to avoid any trace of the lodgment of the funds into your account, for security reasons as it affects my job.

I await your reply.

Stella Mike.

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