Kris Kringle

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Stella pushes for some details and Mr Kringle pushes for some decorum.

Dear Kris Kringle,

I got your mail But before I proceed with you I want you to send me the bellow information so as to enable me verify it with the information I saw in the disk, I want to be sure that I am dealing with the right person.The requested information are: (1), Your full name and address. (2),The full amount (3), Your contract number. (4) Your full bank information. (5) Your fax and phone number.

Once more I will need the above information for verification, as soon as I get the information and I verify that it is the same with the information I saw in the painted Red disk we will then furge ahead.

For your notification my direct phone number:234 803 332 6524. Direct fax :234 17 591 159.

I await your reply,


Stella Mike.

Dear Miss Mike,

Is it really proper to call you Stella? I am of an age where protocols and social niceties still seem to matter and I am having some concerns about talking to a young lady on first name terms. Perhaps we should keep this on a formal level. You should call me Mr Kringle.

The detail that you wanted is as follows:

Kris Kringle
The Jolly Fatman Caravan and Camping Park,
1 Rudolf Court,
Deer Park, 3255,
Victoria, Australia.

This is my holiday address. I come here for a six month break every year. I am pretty certain that it will be the address in the records as I was here when I was first contacted by that other scoundrel.

The amount was quoted as $35,000,000 (in United States Dollars).

Bank: St Nicholas Bank Limited, Christmas Hills Branch.
BSB Number:039-884
Account Number:4500-1276

Telephone: +613 9833 xxxx
Facsimile: +613 9326 xxxx

The elves have been rather quiet about the disc you require. I may have to go with helping you purchase a copy after all. I'll let you know.

Yours rotundly,

Mr. Kringle.

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