Kris Kringle

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Stella confirms she is a FEMALE. Well, I assume she is telling the truth. What sane person would pretend to a female?

Dear Kris Kringle,

I got your mail and the content therein was well understood. Be informed, that I am not a MALE but a FEMALE and as I stated earlier in my previous email my names are STELLA MIKE.

I believe you have my phone number (234 803 332 6524)with you, it is very simple if you are in doubt you can call me, I know you will be able to differenciate between female and male voice so that you get this issue clear. (I guess a nude photo is out of the question?)

As regards to the HB2 Proxy software disk. Be aware that this is not just like any other disk you can duplicate or get in an open market, as I stated in my previous email this disk is specifically designed for Apex bank for wire transfer, but if you can get it as you said I will most happy because it will make this transaction come to successful conclussion. (Well, funny you should mention that...)

But as an advise, you must be 100% sure that the disk you are buying is ACCURATE and ORIGINAL so that you will not have to spend double money.

I expect your response.

Stella Mike

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