Kris Kringle

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Kris Kringle is a little confused by the names and expresses a dissatisfaction of a life of fruitcake and warm milk.

Dear Stella Mike,

I must admit that I am still a little confused by your name. Out here on the tundra Stella is a name normally used by ladies but I feel that you are a man. I feel a little embarrassed asking this but I would feel even more embarrassed if I did not clear up my confusion earlier rather than later.

I feel most confident that we can move forward with this transaction. It will be nice to get some money back for a change. My current job pays little more than fruitcake and warm milk at the best of times.

With regard to the disc can you give me anymore details? I may have ways of getting a workable disc from other sources. The elves have shown themselves very creative in their ability to create incredible things from the barest of product specifications.

Transport will not be a problem - I have access to the top of the range international transport. It is one of the few perks of my job.

Best wishes,

Kris Kringle.

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