Kris Kringle

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Stella Mike has the answer to my predicament.

Dear Kris kringle,

I got your email and the content their in was well noted. My name is STELLA MIKE. I am so sorry for all you went through in the hands of this imposters. Anyway, as I said in my previous email the only way to solve this issue is by getting the HB2 Proxy software hard Disk. Firstly, I have to give you full detail of this proxy disk. (Have to? Could it be you are following a manual, Stella? "Page 3: Explain the disc to the sucker".)

HB2 proxy software hard disk is specially made for Apex banks not for merchant or commercial bank, it is designed for wire transfer via Apex bank of Nigeria . This method arose when the present democratically (Why is it that any country that has to tell people that it is democratic, isn't?) elected government discovered the fraudulent altitude of the senior officer holding key position in central bank of Nigeria .

Your file has got this disk but the problem with your fund is that your disk has been marked red (My favourite colour, KK.) which means that the fund programmed in the marked disk will not be transferred, it has been stopped by some group of fraudulent officers, on intention of diverting the fund into their private account. So the only option left for us now is to get this HB2 proxy software hard disk which I will then copy all the information of the previou HB2 Proxy Software disk that is marked red (You are pretty big on these red markings, aren't you>) and punched it into our central data base system, which will automatically transfer you fund into your nominated account within 24hrs (working hrs) but before I punch the new disk into the central data base system I must have remove the old HB2 disk and destroyed it.

I am aware of your predicament as regards to this fund and also your ugly experience but you have to wave those ugly experience aside and face the reality. (But does that make reality not ugly?)

As for the price of the disk, you donāt have hurt about it because the work of the disk is 100% more than the cost price. And for us to successfully conclude this deal we must have two (2) of the disk which will cost you US$3,500.

I decided to take this risk because I know what I stand to benefit as soon as I get this fund transferred into your account. As I stated in my previous email I am just 28yrs old with master degree holder of computer science from University of Lagos. I am a very young officer in Nigeria apex bank, Iām just fortunate to be working in the telex department of Nigeria central bank.

I will advice you once more, to forget your past ugly experience, I want you to believe that God has answered your prayer and the time has come for you to gain all that you lost to the fraudsters and impostors by making me to discovered your file and also have the courage to contact not withstanding the risk behind it. (I have this warm and fuzzy feeling...)

If you are ready for us to go ahead with this transaction you can email me so as to get the information of how you will make the payment for the disk. As soon as I receive your email I will send you a copy of my international passport including all the relevant information of mine that will enable you start the documentation of my travelling out of Nigeria .

I await your urgent response,

Yours sincerely,

Stella Mike.

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