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The end had to come. The recipe has problems. The money transfer ...well, didn't. But the invitation is offered.

My Dear Stella,

It is sometimes a mistake to play with a recipe.

Mrs Kringle could not get all the ingredients that were required for your recipe so she improvised.

She couldn't get red oil, so she used lard.
She couldn't get Ukazi, so she used cabbage.
She couldn't get periwinkles so she used canned smoked mussels,
She couldn't get Dry Fish so she used canned tuna in springwater,
She couldn't get Crayfish so she used crabsticks,
She could get meat but felt the recipe would be a bit rich so used tofu,
She couldn't get water leaf so she used lettuce,
She hunted in the garden but couldn't find any snails so she left them out.
She wasn't sure what stock fish was so she used beef cubes.

Quite frankly Stella, I found it tasted rather odd.

I have had my last and best shot at the money transfer. I know that I have got it right this time. Absolutely certain.

There is a related document attached to this email.

The Question you must ask is : What does Kris Kringle think of the computer disc story?

The Answer is : Ho Ho Ho!

Good night, it has been fun.

Kris Kringle.

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