Kris Kringle

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Kris Kringle tries out a kilt and promises to send the money by Western Union.

My Dear Miss Mike,

Thank you so much for the recipe. Mrs Kringle is very keen to try it and I suspect I know what I am getting for dinner tomorrow!

With regard to the bank issue, they were most singularly unhelpful. The good news is that the money has returned to my account so it is not lost.

I will go to Western Union tomorrow.

I have not received any wording from you for a letter of invitation so I am writing my own and will send it tomorrow, along with the bank details.

Mrs Kringle bought me a kilt today. Can you believe it? Me, in a kilt? I feel it is not a pretty sight but Mrs K says I have the legs to carry it off.

Damn draughty though.

I'm off to test it out with a pint of McEwans down at the "Hook, Line & Sinker". I think the barmaid fancies me.

Cheers Lassie!

Kris McKringle, auch aye da-noo.

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