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A change of plans. And a recipe!

Dear Mr. Kris Kringe, (Kringe?)

Thanks for your mail, I was at the disk dealer's office today to inform them about the account situation, that your bank said that the account has been blocked.

They said the account is o.k their is nothing wrong with the account but if your bank is finding it difficult to transmit money into that account you can also pay to their marketing manager through western union money transfer with the below information:

Name; Abdulrasheed Abdulsalam
Address: 10 Akintoye Street
State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Text question: DISK
Test answer: Payment

I believe this method of western union money transfer will be better and faster because as soon as you made the payment and you send the infomation to me via email or fax I will imediately take the western union payment slip to them and get the disk at the same time because the payment will be confirm at the same day.

I have already started working towards the transfer because I thought by last monday the disk will get to my hand, I have even taking the file out of the vault. (Wonderful!)

Please as soon as you made the payment through western nuion money transfer kindly send me the payment slip copy and also write out all the filling information with the number and send to me along with the slip.

Below is the recipe for AFANG SOUP.
Afang soup is Calabar soup, people from south south of Nigeria. it is an enviroment richly blessed with aboundant of crude oil this is where Nigeria government get almost their 85% yearly income from but every Nigerians love this soup because it is very dileciuos and is a soup if you cook it very well you will not like to taste anyother soup.

This are the ingredients for cooking Afang soup.
1. Red oil ( palm karnel oil)
2.Ukazi (Afang leaf)
4.Fresh pepper
6.Dry Fish
9.Water leaf
10. sanil
11. stockfish

(Mmmm. Might have to do a few substitutions here...)

Preparation: Steam meat anf stockfish with spices till it will soft. Then add crayfish, oil and other spices and allow to boil very well, squeze waterleaf very well to remove every excess water and add it to the soup, add the prewinkle after u most have washed it very well with the shell. add snail finally and the grounded ukazi, allow it to boil after few mintes the soup will be ready.

Note,Perewinkle must be perboil before you wash and cut the tail.

I hope with this your cook will be able to make a delicious african ( Nigerian) soup.

I waite your urgent response.

My best regards to Mrs. Kringle

Stella Mike.

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