Kris Kringle

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Kris Kringle ponders a tattoo and a new suit.

My Dear Miss Mike,

I am most confused. I did not get your email until I returned home this afternoon and by then it was too late to travel to the bank. I rang them and they said that they had been trying to contact me (just between you and me, I don't believe them). They said that the account that you gave me has some sort of block on it and I will need to go in to see them tomorrow. Do you know anything about this?

It is most inconvenient as I had organised going to a tattoo parlour tomorrow and I will now have to cancel it.

This morning we went to a tailor's shop in Flinder's Lane. I felt it was time to get a new suit. Mrs Kringle says black is very fashionable at the moment but I tend to favour the traditional colours. What do you think? I think people may get upset if I changed to a black suit.

Mind you if they had seen me in the sauna yesterday they would have been happy to see me in any sort of suit. Good thing the lighting was dimmed. Sadly Mrs Kringle took one look at Inga and her birch branch and flatly forbid her to do her cleansing routine on me.

We are really looking forward to the recipe. It would help us to feel more closely associated with you. Obviously when you come out here to join in our fun we will cook for you but then I will want to show you some of our delicacies.

God bless you for your most religious values. Your father has taught you well. So few people follow the ten commandments nowadays.

I will contact you as soon as I get more information from the bank.

Yours sincerely,

Kris Kringle (Mr).

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