Kris Kringle

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Oh my God! The funds have not gone through to Stella! Even the penny hasn't dropped yet.

Dear Mr. Kris Kringle,

Thanks for your mail, I believe if things work out as we planned by thurday the fund should be in your account. But I got a phone call from the dealer on friday "2/8/2002" that if the fund was transferred on tuesday 30/7/2002 according to the slip I submited to their company as prove of payment the money surpose to be in their account by thursday or latest friday but uptill the time they called me the money has not reflect in their account.

Please I will advise you to kindly get across to your bank and asked them why the money you transferred has not got to the account you transfer money into or they should give you the transaction tracer so as to enable the dealer trace the money if it has been transferred by your bank.

Kindly update me tomorrow as soon as you are through with your bank so that I will be able to give the dealer report about the payment. I believe this is the only delay we have now, as soon as we resolved this we will furge ahead and conclude this transaction . I want you to send the tracer to me as an attachment via email, if you got it from your bank.

Please tell Mrs kringle that I will send the recipe to her tomorrow because I have to go for evening mass in the church am almost late now. I will also include the speciment of the letter of invitation.

I waite your urgent response.

Stella Mike.

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