Kris Kringle

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Kris Kringle fishes for a recipe. May be a bit late in the correspondence, but it's work a try.

My Dear Miss Mike,

Waiting for Thursday to arrive will be like that week before Christmas where time seems to stand still, so eager are you for it to pass.

I have changed my appointment with the Ferrari people until Friday.

Mrs Kringle is a keen and adventurous cook. She has asked if you can send a typical Nigerian recipe or two. Do you think you could? Not a special meal, just something like what you would eat when you get home from a hard day at the bank. That would be really appreciated.

Regarding the letter of invitation: What wording should I put in it? Can you give me a draft text to use so that I get it right for you? Thank you.

I must run. I am meeting Mrs Kringle down at the sauna. They have an ice cold plunge pool there and you jump into it after the sauna. For an extra $10 a buxom young Swedish lady called Inga will whip you with a birch branch. Apparently it is quite stimulating. (I haven't told Mrs Kringle about that bit. It will be a surprise!)

Yours sincerely,

Kris Kringle (Mr).

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