Kris Kringle

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Stella sounds optimistic that she is going to get some money.

Dear Mr. Kris Kringle,

I was able to download the attachment with the acticles but I have not be able to go through the articles but I will do that later in the day at my free time. I took the payment receip to the dealer but as usual they said as soon as they confirm the money in their account they will release the disk to me.

will take three working days before the money will get into their account which means the disk will be release to me on monday. as soon as they release the disk to me i will get you informed.

Thanks for your cooperation and congratulation in advance

Expect to hear from me as soon as they release the disk to me.

Stella Mike.

Kris Kringle also sounds optimistic and looks forward to Monday.

Dear Miss Mike,

Greetings from the receiving end of a glorious sunny day.

Monday will be better still if the money that you have promised gets released to my account.

I have put a deposit on the red Ferrari.

Yours eagerly,

Kris Kringle (Mr)

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