Kris Kringle

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Stella is curious about National Nipple Arousal Day.

Dear Mr. Kris Kringle,

Thanks for your update, Plaese If i may ask, what is the significant of National Nipple Arousal Day.

I hope the bank will be open tomorrow so that you can make the transaction.

I await to hear from you tomorrow.

Stella Mike.

And Mr Kringle obliges with a newspaper clipping about NNA day. He also sends the receipt (#2) for sending off the money.

Dear Miss Mike,

Do you think I know you well enough to call you Stella now?

Thank you for informing me about your late father's house. It is a most impressive place from what I can see in the photos. Your pride in him shows through in your words. He must have been a much loved pastor.

Attached is an article about the NNA Day holiday. I hope it answers your questions. This country has a number of odd holidays, not the least is one for a horse race in November, the Melbourne Cup. It's sort of a cultural thing and hard to explain.

Today I headed into town (again) to send off the money. The receipt is attached. It was not all bad luck. The exchange rate has shifted so the actual amount I had to spend was less! Now that doesn't happen often. It is a good omen I feel. Don't you?

I am sure we will give you a good time when you come here. I have been talking to Mrs K. and suggesting that she may like to go home earlier to assist the elves with the pre Christmas rush and I could stay here to show you around the country. Do you like older men?

Now I am of to the gym to work out and then down to the town again. I fancy buying a sports car and the Ferrari dealership have promised to have a red one in for me to test drive.

Yours sincerely,


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