Kris Kringle

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Stella is no nonsense and business like in her reply:

Dear Mr. Kris Kringle,

I have informed the dealer about the error, I told them that the error will be corrected by monday. Please as soon as you made the correction kindly get back to me via email and also remember to attache the copy of the slip.

Best regards,
Stella Mike.

Surely she must get suspicious about the elves soon...

My Dear Stella,

It is Sunday Evening. Mrs Kringle has had one too many sherries and is asleep on the couch.

It was a very special day today: the elves visited us! They are not normally ones to roam far from their workbenches but they assembled the team and came to see us. All except Blitzen who had gone to the Bermudas to meet up with the Easter Bunny. It caused quite a stir as they had left the sleigh on top of our caravan. The manager of the caravan park woke to find a bunch of reindeer eating his roses and something that looked like a refugee from a fairground carousel on the roof of one of his caravans. He was not happy, I can tell you. The first I knew was some rather animated banging on the door of the caravan just as we were tucking into some tea and toast. The elves make the most superb marmalade. Anyway we calmed him down and all of us, including the manager and his wife, went off for a picnic lunch down by the river. They have only just left us.

I am heading into town tomorrow, Monday, to resend the money. I can only apologise once again for the mix up with the numbers. For someone so used to keeping track of vast amounts of information in my good boy and girl lists, I find this whole thing most embarrassing.

Oh, I meant to ask you about the photos you sent. Were they taken in your house? It is a most impressive place, what with all that marble and stuff. Very stylish. Does it have a chimney?

Must fly. Mrs Kringle is waking up and calling for a tea.

Best Wishes,

Kris Kringle (Mr).

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