Kris Kringle

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Stella comes good with a photo. Seems to live well for a junior computer technician and daughter of a pastor, don't you think?

Dear Mr. kris Kringle,

Thanks for your mail, I got the attached payment slip. I am sorry for my late response I had to take the payment slip to the dealer for the collection of the disk but I was made to understand that the money will take three working days before it will get into their account so I have to wait until the money is cleared in their account before they will release the disk for me.

As soon as they release the disk for me I will imediatelly get intouch with you.

I have re-attache my photo I hope you will get them this time, I will send you my international passport copy so as to enable you start proceesing my travelling out of Nigeria to your base.

My best regards to your wife Mrs. Kringle.

Congratulation in advance.
Stella Mike.

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