Kris Kringle

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Where Stella says she has sent the photo but hasn't and Kris Kringle says he has sent the money but hasn't. Can either of them be trusted?

Dear Mr.Kris Kringle,

I got your mail and the content therein well understood, I really appreciate your kindness for making your wife (Mr Kiringle ) (Eh?) understand my motive, not to come and do anything stupid around her. As for your question I am a Christian and my late father was a pastor so I was brought up in strong Christian home. (How do you feel about Exodus 20:15?)

Please send me the payment slip as soon as you made the payment because I will have to tender it to the dealer as a prove of payment before the disk will be given to me.

I have never see any of the bunge towers but I hope to see a lot of this things when I get to your base, badminton is a game I have so much interest , I was full of joy when you agreed to teach me when I get there. The attached is my requested photo.

Where Mr Kringle and a scone part company but he holds on to his money.

My Dear Miss Mike,

Much to my disappointment your photo seems to have been lost in transit. It was not attached to your letter as promised. Please try again, we are dying to see you!

Attached to my email (I hope!) is a copy of the bank receipt.

We went into town this morning to transfer the money and made a day of it. Mrs Kringle found the support stockings she has been after and I was let loose in a bookshop and bought a copy on how to plan your retirement. I have a hankering to retire to a tropical island somewhere.

After that we had tea and scones down on the esplanade. On the way home we passed Luna Park and, after a lot of hesitation, Mrs Kringle and I had quite a fun time on the dodgem cars. After that we went on the so called scenic railway. Well, it is scenic but overall the tea and scones proved to be a waste of money and we headed home for a bath. Got some disapproving looks on the bus but no trouble getting seats.

Must go, it is the happy hour at the club.

Remember - the photo!

Best wishes,

Kris Kringle (Mr).

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