Kris Kringle

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Stella Mike corrects and explains the banking details and points out that her religion prohibits her from massaging another woman's husband.

But presumably permits her to scam $3,500 from him.

I passed the account details on to the Union Bank of California and they replied with "Thank you very much for the information, we will take the appropriate action. Thank You."

Dear Mr. Kris Kringle.

Thanks for your response. I am sorry for the mistake, the right word is California. I went to the dealer today to clarify about the account I was made to understand that it is one account not two, the reason why the information is like that is because they added their correspondent bank information with the account . So if you want to pay in the money you will feel all the information as it appear into payment slip, is only with all the information that the money will get to their account.

Moreso, almost all the commercial bank operate with a correspondent bank for any intercontinental transaction. So any money that has to be transfer into or out of the country must go through their correspondent bank. Once more I will advice you fill your payment slip with the information as its appear below.

ROUTING NO: 026005050
A/C NO:91USD-2440201121
xxxxx BANK OF xxxxxxxx
xxxxx, xxxxxx.
SWIFT CODE:xxxxxxxxx
(Name of bank deleted at the banks request.)
A/C NO : 072642.

As regards to your wife, please tell her am sorry if my statement has in any way offend her, what I really meant is that when I get to your base I will join you in playing badminton and all other games you people play for relaxation. I have never have the thought of coming their to massage you because it is totally against my religion to massage another woman's husband. As for my photo I will have to look for a place to scan the photo so that I will send it to you as an attachment via email. As soon as am able to get it scanned I will immediately send it to you.

Please I will advise you send copy of the payment slip either via email or my direct fax number '23417591159' to me as soon as you made the payment because I will have to take to it to dealer as a prove of payment before they will give me the disk .

My best regards to Mrs. Kringle.

I waite your reply.

Stella Mike.

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