Kris Kringle

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Mr Kringle queries the two accounts, sorts out the unfortunate 'join in the fun' comment, and expresses a fear of heights.

My Dear Miss Mike,

I am a trifle confused. And if you have ever had a trifle you will realize just how confusing that can be.

The bank details you gave me appears to be to two banks.

Do I pay the money to both?

Do I pay half to one and half to the other?

Or will either do?

Is it really "CALIFORNIAL", or should it be "CALIFORNIA"? Banks can be so snooty if you get any details wrong.

On other subjects: thank you so much for your good wishes. Mrs Kringle is always pleased when I pass them on.

Well, actually I should tell you that there was a brief moment when she seemed less than happy. I know you meant well but in your previous email when I had been telling you about Mrs Kringle giving me a massage, you wrote expressing a desire to come over and join in the fun. Her look darkened a little when I told her about this but she was fine when I told her that it was the badminton from an earlier letter that your were referring to and not that you were wanting to giving me a massage!

By the way, is there any chance you can send me a photo? Mrs Kringle would like to see it too.

Well, we are off to the bunge jumping tower. I have a fear of heights and Mrs Kringle says that this will help me get over it. I'm not so sure but I will go along and see.

Very best wishes,

Kris Kringle (Mr).

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