Kris Kringle

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The disc would appear to be a little more complicated than Mr Kringle thought.

Dear Mr.Kris Kringle

The disk is neither 45rpm nor 78rpm. As I stated in my previous email you will need US$3500. to get the disk from my end.

I await your urgent reply.

My regards to you and your lovely wife.

Stella Mike.

There is nothing for it we must buy the disc.

Dear Miss Mike,

I am knackered! Mrs Kringle enrolled me in a yoga class.

I thought it was all easy 'women's stuff' until I tried it. God almighty! I ache in places that a man is not meant to ache. Mrs Kringle is feeling a bit guilty for making me suffer like this and has gone off to get the liniment for a bit of a massage. After that it's down to The Furtive Ferret for a pint of lager.

The elves have proven to be a big disappointment. I think I will have to buy the disc at your end. What is the best way to transfer the money? Do you take VISA?

Mrs Kringle is waiting for me, I must go.

Best wishes,

Kris Kringle (Mr).

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