Kris Kringle

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Stella is understanding.

Dear Mr. Kris Kringle,

I received your mail and the content was quite understood, I will be expect your update on tuesday as you promised.

Have a blessed and fruitful week


Stella Mike

Mr Kringle has had a good day but suspects the elves may let him down.

Dear Miss Mike,

It has been a glorious day. Mrs Kringle and I have spent it playing badminton. She beat me quite convincingly too I must say. I need to lose a little weight if I am going to leap around the court. As a young man I could make a gazelle look clumsy; nowadays I am less graceful.

While we were playing the final game word came to me from the elves. They would have me believe that they can still produce the disc required but asked me to confirm with you the format of the disc. If it is not a standard floppy format, what format is required?

Please advise me about this as soon as possible.

I must apologise for this delay. I am starting to have serious reservations about the ability of the elves to produce the disc you require but they seem quite confident and tell me to stop worrying myself. If it wasn't for the fact that it may save $3,500 dollars, and US dollars to boot, I wouldn't be persevering with them.

We are off now down to the shops to look for a postcard for Rudolf.

Best wishes,

Kris Kringle (Mr).

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