Kris Kringle

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Mr Kringle expresses some reservations about the abilities of his elves.

Dear Miss Mike,

Thank you for pandering to an old man's desire for formality and respect. I very much appreciate that in a lady.

Mmmm....I contacted the elves and they are a little uncertain about the computeronic hq2 proxy software disc. They said that there was no problem with it being in red and there was no problem with it not being floppy. However when I pressed them further I get the distinct impression that they had hoped to make it out of recycled jam tins from the people's republic; a technique that they have used successfully many times in the past but possibly not good enough for this project.

I have informed them that this is most inadequate and have asked them to get back to me as soon as possible. Tuesday at the very latest.

It is looking as if I will have to assist you in obtaining the disc at your end as you originally proposed.

I will let you know on Tuesday which way things are going.

Now Mrs Kringle and I are off to have a sherry and a shortbread at the caravan park leisure centre and bingo hall.

I trust your weekend is work-free and fun-filled.

Yours in shorts and sandals,

Mr. Kris Kringle.

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