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Kris Kringle, (aka Father Christmas, Saint Nicolas, Santa Claus,...) has a correspondence with Stella Mike, a computer technician frm the Nigerian Central Bank, with a view getting enough money to retire to the tropics. On one hand I had fun letting KK do things that you don't normally associate with him, on the other I was curious as to just how silly it could get before Stella smelt a rat.

Or an elf.

Finished. Last addition: August 7th., 2002.
  1. If you don't believe it will work don't too.
  2. The high cost of deer agistment.
  3. I am aware of your predicament.
  4. Disatisfaction with fruitcake and warm milk.
  5. Stella confirms she is a FEMALE. Capital!
  6. I have this urge to eat venison.
  7. Furging ahead.
  8. Thanks for the correction.
  9. A sherry and a shortbread.
  10. A postcard for Rudolf.
  11. A Tequila Sunrise and a snooze.
  12. Do you take VISA?
  13. Stella wants to be part of the fun.
  14. Two accounts?
  15. Mr Kringle confesses a fear of heights.
  16. It is totally against my religion to massage another woman's husband.
  17. State Emergency Service to the rescue.
  18. Mr Kringle and a scone part company.
  19. I will send you my international passport copy.
  20. Stella is understanding.
  21. Mrs Kringle says 'too beautiful'.
  22. Blitzen and the Easter Bunny rendezvous in Bermuda.
  23. National Nipple Arousal Day.
  24. Do you like older men?
  25. Nipples in fashion.
  26. I have put a deposit on the red Ferrari.
  27. I will need a letter of invitation...
  28. A buxom young Swedish lady called Inga.
  29. Late for evening mass.
  30. Mrs Kringle says black is very fashionable.
  31. A recipe! AFANG Soup.
  32. I think the barmaid fancies me.
  33. Ho Ho Ho!