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The prince likes to be called Kenny.

Dear issie,

How has your weekend gone, the car belong to me I have many cars but I have sold many of them, due to the set back I have in my business sometime ago after the death of my parents in new York, which felicity knows about and she was planning to assist me financially to build up my business again, even she wanted to assist me in buying a new house where both of us will live whenever we come to Nigeria, before I received the message that she is dead.

Iāve not tell you how I knew her , it was a great miracle I ever experience before,

I wrote a letter to my daddyās friend in san Diego USA Mr. ERIC and Richard to assist me to withdraw my fathers money that is in the bank I donāt know how felicity received the mail and reply thatās why I ask her for marriage even though she was a harlot I accepted her because the way I meet her was a big miracle of GOD

Virtuous? If you are a virtuous woman I will know through your behavior,

Girl friend? I donāt have one as of now.

Your age? Your age doesnāt matter to me, if I love you that are all.

You can call me Kenny, because I donāt like to show myself so much as a prince I am a simple and humble guy.


Prince Kenny

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