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Issie just prattles on. Sends the Isabella photo. May end up using it's companion, we'll see.

Hi Prince, u look pretty cool. Is that your car? Me virtuous? Does it show? I guess I am. That's where I'm different to Aunt F. Well, I'm sure you know what she did for a crust. Never tried it myself. What about you. Any other girlfriends? My photo is attached. Sorry, I'm not ugly. How old do u reckon I am? Still think I would make a good princess? Nah, Aunt F never really told me much detail about you. Just the broad picture. Did you really send her a nude picture or was she just teasing me? What do you want me to call you? I prefer Prince, but Kenny is good. Prince KVK sounds like a brand of motor oil. Catcha later, gator. Issie.

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