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A bit of info about Kenny, Prince of Lagos. At least in his photo this time he is more cautious and hides his number plate.

Hello Issie,

Well I dont really know you, but since you are related to Felicity I beleive that you will be of good sort of person and virtuous too. arent' you?

Kenny? that is the short pronounciation of Kenneth my name. I thought that you have been dicussiong about me with late Felicity. She suppose to tell you my names. I have three name which is Kenneth, Victor and one cultural name Kanayo, and I have about 5 email address:

Ugly? well handsome or ugly doesn't matter in friendship or love the most important is to be honest to each other, true love and faithful. Well If you doesn't appreciate my request, no problem.

But mean while I will attach my picture to this mail, andI wil like to see your picture.

Prince KVK

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