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This came out of the blue. What's his story, I wonder? Despite his 'month of mourning' it is two weeks since he last wrote to Issie.

Dear issie,

How are you, please I am sorry for my long, long delayed response, I doesnât mean to let you down or neglect you either. The reason is that since first January I decided to mourn my late fiancŽe felicity for one good month which I finished today, since I started mourning for her I stop receiving visitors any longer or go out for excitement as I used to do, I just do it to give her my last respect because I love her so much,

Please donât be angry and try to understand me.

Now since my late fiancŽe felicity is dead and since you are her sister,

I will love you as much as I love her am serious, yes I will.

All the positions I reserved for her, I will give it to

Please I am sorry.

Lots of love

Prince Kenny

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