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A week later the following arrives:

princess felicity shut up and stop deceiving yourself and not me kanayo,what do you take me for felicity? am asking you,so unless i kill myself for you before you believe that i love you felicity, you are ungrateful, look let me tell you princess felicity i am the one who surpose to ask you, what on earth has gotten to your head, tell me the reason why you are doning all this princess, has it been that i commited suicide at the first time i heard of your death i could have died for nothing and that will be what you will use to pay me for the love i have for you. if i had know at the initial time when i rece ived the message which said that you are dead i couldn"t have wasted time replying any mail to your so called mr j. cosmos newbery to the extend of wasting money that i could have use to export goods for the sake of burial ceremony, no wonder the M.I.C GOLD UNDERTAKERS which i send from ( Egypt)to come and give you a befitted burial ceremony said that i gave them wrong information no wonder. princess why all this?our meeting each other is arranged by almighty GOD but i dont understand all this that you are doing, let glory be to GOD who reaveled your tricks to me in dreams ever since you come as issabella,
dont you know that GOD reavel mystrious things to those that fear him in truth and spirit mostly to kings and princes like me. go to the bible and read about kings and princes that GOD reaveled mystrious things to as he reaveled yours to me in the vision of the night when i am sleeping.
stop stop stop stop hidden yourself and tell me the reason why your doing all this.

prince ken.

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