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Kenny has more to say about Felicity and possibly says more about himself than he should.

Felicity i repeat again.

So this is how you want to end up your life being a prostitute for the rest of your life, Thank god who revealed your tricks to me in dream; oh what can I do without GOD, Yes I am a prince in Nigeria and you are surprise for a prince to marry a harlot, there nothing to be surprise there, you donāt even ask yourself or ask me how do you get to know me it was a big surprise to me when you reply the letter I send to my daddies friend in san Diego usa, if you look at the beginning of the letter it was started with dear sir, are you dear sir?. The way I meet you was a great miracle of GOD that is the reason why I make up my mind to marry you. No matter what condition it may be because I never experience such miracle before, but you turn around and mess up yourself,

Iāve been so good to you honest and loyal since we meet each other but now I know you want t6o remain ma harlot for the rest of your life, you can go on in your business of being a harlot jumping from one man to other from room to room one bed to other.

Prince Kenneth , victor, kanayo, nwaeze
a.k.a prince of anambra,
mayor of lagos,
chief distributor kenwood electronics elicity, japan.

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