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The prince turns a bit agro and sounds a bit miffed.

Dear issie,

You said that your aunt felicity have a golden heart, it is total lie, because she made a lot of promises to me which she never fulfil even one, she said that iam a wag, but iam laughing at her because she is the most wag I ever seen in a lady before, she promise to export fairly used car to Nigeria but fulfil noting, I was just looking at her, and she thought and she thought that I will ask her about it again she promise to buy clothes for me before Christmas but I donāt know that she is just pulling my feet even she promise to assist me in buying a house where both of us will live together but all is for boasting, I never remind any of those promise for her so that she will not think that iam after her money, but I continue to show my love to her but she continue showing me sense, I have took many risk for her sake but she always shiver like a coward, even she gave me wrong phone number can you imagine that, she is a devil lair. Am sorry to say that, I know that some!

men do lie to ladies but am not the type iam a responsible man. Thatās why I send my pictures to her even with the one I snap with my time my car number is there (Maybe he is reading my site.) , I never plan to marry a white lady, but the way I meet her makes me to start thinking of marring white lady, (Marring? Freudian?) Iam afraid if she can be able to hold the title of chief and mayoress because of her coward ness, I see no seriousness in her it just that I have already fall in love with her even till her death, I donāt know the kind of charm she used to trap me down. (My raw animal magnetism.)

Have a nice day

Prince kenny

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