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Out of the blue, Felicity Prim's niece Isabella gets a correspondence from Prince Kenneth. To make sense of this you should already have read the Felicity Primm letters. Go to letters.

Last addition: February 16th., 2003.
  1. I will love you as much as I love her am serious, yes I will.
  2. You don't even know me.
  3. I Love Thee.
  4. Well I dont really know you.
  5. How old do u reckon I am?
  6. But there is noting I can do since she is dead.
  7. I am a simple and humble guy.
  8. That lady had a heart of gold.
  9. The very day the world trade center was bombed.
  10. She is the most wag I ever seen in a lady before.
  11. You're carrying a lot of unnecessary luggage.
  12. Put fuel in my car and take my clothes to drycleaner.
  13. I'm not about to send you anything.
  14. Dont take me for granted ok
  15. Go to hell.
  16. Thank god who revealed your tricks to me in dream.
  17. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  18. princess felicity shut up and stop deceiving yourself.
  19. A Valentine to My Wife.
  20. In his head, three people are talking.