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Isabella goes off on a tangent:

Dear Umba,

What is your birth date? And where were you born?

I want to do you horoscope.


Pace, I'm out?


whats up Isa. how you doing. my birthday is march 10. 1977 and i was born in zimbabwe i will try and get you the pic p/s thankz pace i,m out

umba johnson

Horoscope is provided:

My Dear Umba,

I must tell you the more I think about you, the more I like your name! I used to do painting and one of the colours was called Umber. It was a rich, dark brown.

Are you rich Umba? Just joking! It doesn't matter.

I have attached your horoscope. I hope you like it.

I am looking forward to seeing your photo.

What is happening about the money you spoke about? How can I help you?

Yours tired and heading off to bed,


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