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Johnson considers himself to be Isabella's man to be:

Hi Isa,

how you doing.happy weekend. i try to call you but all i got was a fax. can you send me a mail so i know if you want to help me get my farthers money. and what you gonna do to assist me thankz

Your man to be J umba.

Isabella tries to push things along:

Dear Umba,

Great to hear from you! Where's your photo, you slacker? I mean if you are my man to be I want to see the man that is, y'know what I mean?

I'm missing a man in my life at the moment so what are you going to do to fill that void, mmm?

I could do things to you that you would not believe. But I need to know that the feelings are reciprocated! What have you got to offer me? Are you good at sex? They say black men are well endowed. Are you ? And do you know how to use it? Really?

I do want to help you get your father's money. And I will. But I an also keen to get a bit of enjoyment too, you know? That's what living is all about, don't you agree? You show me what you know and I will show you what I know. That's fair, don't you think?

Please, tell me what you would like to do with me. And I will tell you what I want to do with you.

But first I want to see a photo.

Yours sweetly,


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