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Johnson is a man of few words:

Hi Isabella.

You look nice and kool. i like you. can you call me on my phone line [+31-xxx-xxx-xxx] so you tell me what you like us to do.


Umba Johnson

Isabella paints a picture or two:


I'm not sure what I should call you!! Are you Johnson Umba or Umba Johnson?

I think I will call you Umba. It sounds big and dark and strong. A real man's name.

Dear Umba,

How are you this morning? I am glad you like my picture. I am very proud of my looks. My mother was a Brazilian princess and very beautiful too.

When are you going to send me your photo, eh?

Did you read my last letter. The phone here does not have international access. Partly due to misuse by my cousin, partly due to frugality of my aunt. Actually phones give me a lot of bother. I work at the Silverdog nightclub as a tabletop dancer and a few of the seedier patrons found out my phone number once and we had to have the number changed. I'm not big in the boobs the way Stella is but I move in ways that seem to hypnotise the guys. I do a dance called the 'oiled python' that sends them wild. It is so full of feeling and emotion. Not a dry crotch in the building.

As I said, I will be getting a flat of my own in a couple of weeks so I will be able to call you then. I will be great, too. It is in a new high rise down at Docklands and cost over $750,000. I was really proud that I was able to pay cash for it (partly from my job and partly from inheritance from my mothers fortune). It's was the greatest feeling to say "Yep. I like it. Will you take a check?" Poor salesman dropped his pen.

Look forward to seeing your photo, Umba. OK?

But enough of me, how can I help you get to your parent's money? What do you want me to do?



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