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Isabella is sympathetic:

Dear Mr Umba,

I knew you would get back to me: this morning I spread out my tarot cards and turned up the Soldier, the Virgin and the Priest. I knew at once that the future would hold great things for the two of us.

I am not a 'Mrs'. I am 24 years old and not married. I am Brazilian, my parents were killed by rebels when I was 10 and I was smuggled out of the country to live with my aunt and uncle in Australia.

Are you married, Mr Umba? After all your trials you really need a caring person to ease your woes. I have attached my photo. Will you send me yours?

I am amazed that even when those other people knew your so very sad circumstances that they tried to deprive you of what is rightly yours. People are really cruel at times.

Together we will make this work, Mr Umba.

My phone is also a fax. The number is xxxxxxx. Unfortunately my aunt and uncle has put a restriction on the telephone to stop their son calling his girlfriend in Japan.

I hope to move out to my own flat in a couple of weeks and then I will have my own phone.

My full name on my passport is Isabella Baptista D'Oliveira.

Very best wishes, dear Johnson,


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