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A fairly tangled reply comes back, with a great deal of gender confusion as well.

Good Day Mrs Isabella .

Thank you very much for your response to my mail,I will like to move strait to your question.I was sadled with your personal information from the Charmbers and Commerce of industry here in the Nederlands. (Sadled?)

Sir,I read through their profiles and was interested in you and two other people and I decided to contact the three of you. Unfortunatly for me,you all did reply my mail with diferent obligation.

only to my supprise you all came up with different obligation, One of the other two propposer did request for 25% of the total sum, in whish I have madated 10% to the beneficiary of the said fund.You can aswell go into partnership with me if you dont mind.Well I did reject his option because it seems to me as greed. (Oh. We can't have greed, can we?)

On the other hand, the second propposer was requesting for upfront payment of four thousand united state Dollers ($4000.00),to me it was a good propposer,but dew to my circumstanses here in the Nerderland I can not afford to raise any upront payment because I have spend my last money for the shippment of the said fund to the present state here in the Nerderlands. (It's a mobile sort of thing, isn't it? Why not just ship it to your lounge room?)

Sir should this mail meet your outmost expectaion, please be endevoure to include your personal phoneand fax numbers,lastly your full names as in your international paspport for quick change of ownership.I strongly believe and have the full trust in you,and I hope you will be of good faith and kindness to see us through in this laudable transaction.Sir,please do give me a call on:+31-613-904-392 for us to know the next step to take.Thanks and God Blessings through Jesus christ our Lord Amen. (Yeah.)

Best regard,
Johnson Umba.

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