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A few years ago, the company I work for (A food laboratory in Melbourne) advertised for a new laboratory assistant to work in the chemistry department.

Knowing the chemist who would be chosing the new appointee I decided to play a trick on him and put in an application myself. And knowing the position that was to be filled I tailored the application to have just enough experience to appeal but spiced it up with the applicant, Isabella, making ends meet as a table top dancer while waiting for a chance to pursue her true love, chemistry.

Unknown to me, the microbiology lab was also looking for a new staff member and when the application arrived it went in to the microbiology lab first. They thought that she was pretty good. She would have got the job too, if her English had been better. They eventually rated her second of the applicants. (I have not tried to make Isabella's English too bad this time around.)

Eventually the application found its way into Chemistry where it had the desired affect and my victim was all over the building waving the application at people and saying that we MUST at least interview her. I hosed him down andconfessed before the referees were contacted. The phone numbers provided were all genuine table top venues.