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An uncharacteristically long letter from someone, signed Umba:

Good Day Isa .

Thank you very much for your response to my mail,I,m sorry for not mailing you back on time how far have you gone with my Barrister i will like to move strait with what i want to tell you Blessed memories. to my farther whom has during the years suffered a lot of set backs from the past and had to depart from this world to his motherland a foreign country were he is presently (r.i.p) (Interesting. He was dead in the first, opening gambit, letter...)

After all accounts world wide bearing my Family name was been frozened and also most of his landed properties both home and abroad were also confisticated. my family during this painful process have lost a lot of money and properties worth Millions of Dollars. This is the main reason why your assistance is been sorth. (All this swapping between past and present tense is giving my brain whip-lash.)

My Isa i mandated my attorney to work hand in hand with you to assist you in clearing this funds(money) that is presntly lodged in a security company here in Holland. This money has been packed into two boxes and the consignments "boxes" were tagged Diplomatic Luggage. These funds are presntly in the security vaults of the Diplomatic Express Courier Service in Holland and they now await the beneficiary to come forward to make claims to this consignments.

This is exactly where you come in because i do not want to claim this money for fear of the money been seized for this very money is the last hope for a better future of my entire life. (And you trust me? You darling!)

Furthermore i want to also tell you to that i,m not only intrested in you assisting me to collect this money but i want to know before going any further with you ,the kind of business you have in mind that you can invest the money into that can yield us favourable profit in a space of time. (Sure.)

This aspect is most important to me for as i earlier said this money in holland happens to be my last hope and as a result i want to be rest assured that you can help me take care of this investment before i can able to join you in your country and then you and i can then go into partnership and love assisting me in the collection and most importantly helping me to invest the money.I hope you will be of good faith and kindness to see us through in this laudable transaction.,please do give me a call on:+31-613-904-xxx for us to know the next step to take.Thanks and God Bless you through Jesus christ our Lord Amen.

Best regard,

your man

umba johnson

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