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Isabella replies to the second one:

Dear barrister Phillip Adams,

Thank yo for both your emails. I must apologise for the delay in replying as I have been trying to save the world from made fools with weapons of mass destruction. Sadly I do not think they listen to me.

I have probably just upset poor Umba with my crusade. Please give him a cuddle for me.

My phone/fax is (613) xxxx xxxx. Unfortunately, as I explained to Umba, I do not have access to international dialing from my aunt's house. I am planning to move into my own apartment shortly and will have my own phone then. I had hoped to be in by now but the fools put the wrong sort of taps in. The incompetents put in gold plate taps instead of solid gold and thought that I wouldn't know the difference. They were wrong.

Please bear with me and my phone, it is an annoyance I have to live with at the moment.

My full name is Isabella Baptista D'Oliveira.

Yours sinserely,


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