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Exhibit B:

Dear Partner,

In respect of your mail to my client i wish to introduce my self to you for i am Barrister Adams Phill and i have been the Umba's family legal representative aid for a very long time and i will also want to first thank you for the assistance you are wanting to render to my client Mr.Johnson Umba who i have worked for the past five years for. He happens to be the son of my great Friend of blessed memories. He has during the years suffered a lot of set backs from the past and had to depart from his motherland to a foreign country and is presently residing in Netherland after all accounts world wide bearing their Family name was been frozened and also most of their landed properties both home and abroad were also confisticated. The family during this painful process have lost a lot of money and properties worth Millions of Dollars. This is the main reason why your assistance is been sorth.

My client has mandated me as his attorney for the past five years to help him work hand in hand with you to assist him in clearing this funds(money) that is presntly lodged in a security company in Holland. This money has been packed into two boxes and the consignments "boxes" were tagged Diplomatic Luggage. These funds are presntly in the security vaults of the Diplomatic Express Courier Service in Holland and they now await the beneficiary to come forward to make claims to this consignments.

This is exactly where you come in because my client Mr.Johnson Umba does not want to claim this money personally neither does he want any member of his Family to come forward for fear of the money been seized for this vey money is the last hope for a better future for him.

Furthermore he has also told me to tell you that he is not only intrested in you assisting him to collect this money but he wants to know before he goes any further with you,the kind of business you have in mind that he can invest his share of the money into that can yield him favourable profit in a space of time.

This aspect is most important to him for as i earlier said this money in hollandd happens to be his last hope and as a result he want to be rest assured that you can help him take care of his investment before he is able to join you in your country and then you and him can then go into partnership. He has also agreed to give you 25% of the total sum (US$35 MILLION) if you agree to his both terms which is assisting him in the collection and most importantly helping him to invest the money.

If you are okay with his terms than i will appreciate it if you can then call me on my direct line which is + 3163 006 7700 so that we can discuss about the next step to take.Also i will require from you your full name as in your international passport, your phone and fax numbers for further co-ordination.

I hope that the content of this mail has been completly understood and i await to hear from you soonest.

Best Regards

BARR.Adams Phill esq.

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