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Where Isabella Baptista D'Oliveira, psychic & table top dancer, corresponds with a Nigerian businessman.
(Thanks to Chip Snively for the original email.)

A bit of background to Isabella. View

The sting. I have two photos that I am going to use for Isabella. Head Only | Full frontal.
The first photo to be used early; the second after he shows a bit of interest. Let's see what happens...

Last addition: February 9th., 2003.
  1. You may be surprised to receive this letter from me.
  2. No-one should suffer as you have done.
  3. I was sadled with your personal information.
  4. People are really cruel at times.
  5. I do a dance called the 'oiled python'.
  6. Where's your photo, you slacker?
  7. It was a rich, dark brown.
  8. Are you alright?
  9. I could just cuddle your socks off!
  10. I will want you to take over from where i stopped.
  11. Are you sure you don't already have a girlfriend?
  12. Is there any passion in you, Umba?
  13. Exhibit A.
  14. Exhibit B.
  15. Please give him a cuddle for me.
  16. Had to depart from this world to his motherland.
  17. He will be a sexual tiger and a sensual cat.