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The Reverend does some explaining:

Dear Sir,

I recieved your message, which the contents are well noted with appreciation.Brother Henry, May the almighty God continue to bless you and your family in Jesus name, Amen.

You see the reason of this terorist certificate is to ensure that your draft will not be stoped by any international body, (Depends whose body...) when you finally submit it to your bank for clearance of the approved sum.Since that incident in the united states, our government joined hands together with the American government as well some international bodies to fight terorism around the globe. (It would be helpful is you standardised the spelling of it, for a start.) Please do not be confused about the whole thing, I am only trying to let you know the official proceedures which we're instructed to follow.To this effect, every contractor whoes contract funds is being owed by the federal government of Nigeria must obtain this certificate and it's to his or her own expense.Few days ago, I have paid a total of 3 contractors and they all undergo through this proceedures, though they did not make the trip down here but they paid for all the cost of sending the draft and also obtained this terorist certificate.It will cost you only the total sum of US$1,920.00 to get the terorist certificate from the antiterorist unit, I gave you their contact address yesterday.Feel free to get in contact with them.

I am a man of God and will always be!!!, (Oh!) I can understand why you're sounding this way it's because of your past experience.With me, you stand every chance of realizing your full contract payment in nearest possible time, I give my word and my word remains my word. (Can't argue with that.) You are not wasting your time rather you're working towards reaping what you sowed in the past years (But I didn't sow anything. Does that mean...) and by the special grace of the almighty God you will get your draft part payment before the end of this week.Do not hesitate to ask me any questions in respect to the release of your contract payment.I was appointed here to serve you people (Of course you were...) and by the special grace of God I believe I can serve you better.May be you understood me wrongly, because I did not pick any offence instead I am only trying to explain things to you.

There won't be any sign of headache on your side in Jesus name, Amen.Don't forget to always put God first in everything you do in life. (Does that include mowing the lawn?) Thanks for your understanding. Do have a nice day ahead.


Yours -in- service,

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