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The following email comes.
The phone has been running hot but Henry is refusing to answer it.

Attention: HENRY

Dear sir,

Sequel to our phone conversation as well as your propmt response towards the actualization of your contract part payment.

What I was explaing to you over the phone is that you have to come down here with your ANTI-TERORIST CERTIFICATE.This terorist certificate issue was adopted by thye federal government of Nigeria after the 11th SEPTEMBER incident which occured in the united states of America.So what I am trying to ellaborate is that government has authorized that any funds above US$1million must be cleared from terorisym, therefore if you have not obtained your copy of the terorist certificate.I advice you get in contact with their director Mr.Micheal Uchenna Obuesi or his assistant Mrs. Rose Umuleri on this email address: antiteroristunit,phone:234-1-33150252,please it's very important you obtain this terorist certificate from the terorist unit before your trip down here.Note it's for your own benefits.You can tell them that you were directed to get in contact with them by me so as to enable them pay a proper attention to you and issue you with the certificate

Meanwhile,down here we have diffirent laguages but our general language is should be aware of the language we speak down here or does it mean you have forgotten so easly.Conerning the airline you will board down here, your travel agent will do that for you.I thank God that today is a good for you and I pray henceforth everyday will be a good day for you in Jesus name, Amen.


Yours -in- service,

Rev.J Oluwa Clarke

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