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The Reverend Jimmy Clarke responds:

Dear sir,

This is to acknowledge the reciept of your message dated 14/03/2003.The contents are well noted.

First and foremost,I wish to let you know that if you have been contacted by Mr. Donald Duke regarding your contract payment. It means that your name was shortlisted among our original contractors whom contract file has been certified by the presidency for payment .As a matter of fact, to enable me authenticate your claims towards the message whcih you recieved from Mr.Duke, I will like you to quickly give me the AUTHORIZATION AND FILE NUMBERS for my own records. As the case may be, I was appointed by the government to take charge of this post owing to what you our foreing contractors has experienced in the past in the hands of some fraudulent staffs in various government ministries . On behalf of the federal government of Nigeria and my very goodself, I assure you that within the shortest possible time your own contract funds will be released to your desiginated account without any hitches, this is as a result of our 10 days summit with the international monetary fund IMF.

Meanwhile, the federal governement only authorized me to pay only the total sum US$6M as part payment of contract funds to every contractor being owed by the governement.We do apologise for what these might coursed you this is because we have a lot of forieng contractor's debts to be paid off.

Further to the release of your contract part payment without any delay, I will urgently require you to re-confirm to me the following information as listed bellow:

1.Your company's name and address/Your full name and address.

2.Your phone and fax number.

3.Your contract numbers

4.Your contract amount.

5.Your contract site.

6.Your complete bank account detail, such as name of the bank, address of the bank,account numbers,routing code including telephone and fax number of the bank.

7.Two pages of your international passport(Picture page & Information page).

As soon as you furnish me with these information stated above, I will commerce action on the release of your contract payment of US$6.M. Please bear it in mind that we're yet to recieve signal from the preseidency to start payment via telegraphic transfer.So presently we 're paying every of our contractor via CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT. Note that once your draft copy is out, your attention will be needed here to sign off the original copy of your contract draft part payment, in other words you should start making arrangements on how to come down for the signing off of your contract draft part payment of US$6M.The draft copy will be out within two days upon the date you re-confirm your complete contract information.

Anticipating your response immediately so as to enable me include your name among the first seven (7) that will be paid.For your own view, attached bellow is a copy of draft issued to one of our contractors this morning.Call me to confirm


Yours -in- service,

Rev.Jimmy Oluwa Clarke

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