Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Hans queries the lawyer's fees.

Mein Dear Doctor Etobe Esq.,

You letter many surprises contained for me.

Vhile I am for you very happy I do not about Mr Kones briefs need to know. It is similarly so with his explanations. I am ein man oft der vorld.

I am that the money exists most assuredly pleased. I had not the money questioned, as the attorney that is your job.

Vhy ist it that you are more qualified than me. I am The Amazing Maurice. Frau Olympia says I am sehr gut and she vas there too.

I musst say that most expensive your services are. Vhat are you for this money doink? You vill $1800 for ein consultation charge? For how long ist this consultation? Do you realize how many tickets to mein show I vould have to sell to this amount of money raise?

And vhy do you the professional legal fees charge? So much money for so little work.

Please to me the reasons for these costs explain.

Danke schoen.

Hans Gneesunt-Boopsadazi.

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