Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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And some biodata is duly given. I think I have done a gasket in my spellchecker with his one. Nevermind. Note to those trying to read this: the 'G' in gypsy should be pronounced hard, like the 'G' in God.

Mein Dear Peter Kone,

I am that you do not understand my writing most sorry.

I do not English gut gespeeken but I am told that it is to understand much easier if you aloud read it out. I vill do mein best.

I am you to mein family as ein blood brother welcomming! Canst you on the stage perform? Juggling mit knives? Telling of fortunes? Walkink on fire? Ve vill into our act somewhere fit you. Ein human cannonball, perhaps.

I am about me pleased to tell you all. I am 48 years old. I am to Frau Olympia Gneesunt-Boompsadazi married. Mein wife ist from Greece. Ve haf no children. Ve worship Kali, the Goddess oft der Gypsies. On der stage I am 'The Amazing Maurice', the Vorlds Tallest Midget. I haf grey hair and I am very distinguished looking while I am fortunes telling. Frau Olympia hast lovely long black hair but with gloves covers it over. She ist very short and rounded like ein dumplink. Durink our act Frau Olympia ist from ein cannon geshot across the stage like ein black tennis ball.

Ist there more you wish to know? Please say if it is so. I do not vant the scheisse to be boring out of you, nicht wahr?

I haf the lawyer contacted. Can you please me tell when the lawyer vill the transaction close?

Guten abend mein brother,


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