Hans Gneesunt-Boompsadazi

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Peter Kone seems to be happy.

Dear sir,
I have recieved your bank accounts details today, thanks very much for your willingness to work with me and l will be very happy to meet you face to face in Australia. I will forward it today to Dr Williams Etobe the Athorney that will work on everything concerning this transfer.

Please l will love you contact with Dr Williams today as l have made him to understand that you are my father's late business partner from Australia in which this funds would be trasfered into his account, so it is very important you contact him so that you will give him instructions on how the funds would be transfered into your account.

Meanwhile, l will be coming to Australia to meet you as soon as the transfer is made to forward my education.

Please, l do not completely understands your write-ups, try and be writing me the way that l will read it easly. (If you think reading it is difficult...try writing it.)

I am waiting to hear from you soon.

Best of my regards to you and your family,

Peter Kone.J.

N/B Athorney's telephone number is:

Dr Williams Etobe.
Daniel&Williams Law Chamber Abidjan,
Western Africa.
+225 05 99 03 58

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